Recreational Therapy In The Geriatric Setting

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This course will educate on different mental health diagnosis you may encounter when working in a geriatric setting, types of interventions to utilize with this population, and the benefits of these experiential activities. This course will also provide you with additional resources to aid in furthering your education, and intervention implementation, within geriatrics settings. The Learner must pass a quiz at the end of the course with at least a 70% in order to be awarded a completion certificate.


  • Identify at least 5 areas of concern that those 65 years and older may experience which can be improved or maintained with RT intervention

  • Identify at least 6 disabilities or limitations an RT will commonly face when working within the geriatric setting

  • Identify at least 5 benefits of RT intervention within the geriatric population

  • Learn 6 techniques to help aid in an effective geriatric RT session

Lacey Burgess-Hatley, MS, CTRS/LRT

Instructor Bio:

Lacey Burgess Hatley, MS, CTRS/LRT has been a Recreational Therapist for 7 years and has had the privilege of working with patients in mental and behavioral health ranging from ages 6 to 96. She received her BS degree from East Carolina University in Health Fitness followed by obtaining her MS in Recreational Therapy Administration from East Carolina University. She currently works in Myrtle Beach, SC as a part time real estate agent and full time Recreational Therapist with mental and behavioral health, but has previous experience starting and running RT programs for adolescent psych. in Wilmington, NC and Charlotte, NC. Also, while living in the Charlotte area she had previous experience with starting her own Animal Assisted Therapy program using Alpacas and plans to return to this in the future. Lacey’s long term goal is to start a day treatment program for geriatrics such as an adult day care with an emphasis on therapy and quality of life.

Lacey Burgess, MS, CTRS/LRT

SMART Instructor