Creating A Safe And Effective Exercise Program: Medication Counterindications And Side Effects

*This Course Is NCTRC Pre-Approved For 5 Clock Hours

Course Description:
This course is part of a 3-part program for designing an exercise/movement group for the elderly. This course can also be used as a stand-alone course. This course provides information on commonly prescribed medications and their side effects. Several commonly prescribed medication categories are highlighted such as beta blockers, anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications. Along with the categories are some of the brand names, side effects and what to observe when working with a resident/patient taking a medication.

Learning Outcomes:
1) Recognize some commonly prescribed medications in their therapeutic class and their side effects
2) Explain three reasons why it is important to be aware of medication side effects as they relate to exercise
3) Explain the importance of obtaining a medical clearance prior to engaging an individual in any type of exercise
4) Explain why it is important to monitor behavior and performance changes in a group member when medication has been changed or group member has been placed on a new medication
5) Explain why it is important to encourage all participants to “stand up slowly”
6) Describe what is meant by “Orthostatic hypotension”
7) Be aware of and read about medications on the site: (refer to last slide for instructions)

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