Creating A Safe And Effective Exercise Program: An Overview Of Aging

*This Course Is NCTRC Pre-Approved For 5 Clock Hours

Course Description:
This course is part of a three-part program for designing an exercise program for the elderly. This course can also be used as a stand-alone course for anyone who would like to learn more about the aging process. This course provides information on several theories of aging, the five functional aging categories, chronic illness of the elderly, statistics from several leading agencies such as the CDC and WHO, and discusses the benefits of exercise for the elderly.

Course Objectives:
1) Learn the definition of aging.
2) Understand the various theories of aging such as genetic theory, damage theory and gradual imbalance theory
3) Identify the five functional categories of aging to better understand fitness levels in the elderly and be aware of what frailty means
4) Become aware of the top ten chronic illnesses in the elderly
5) Know some statistics about aging
6) Understand at least 5 benefits of how exercise can be beneficial in the frail elderly
7) Be aware of the research done on exercise for the elderly and read papers written
8) Understand the psychological and physical importance of physical activity for the elderly
9) Understand that everyone ages differently depending on personal lifestyle choices

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