Clinical Supervision For The Recreational Therapy Internship

*This Course Is NCTRC Pre-Approved For 5 Clock Hours

Course Description:
Clinicians will be introduced to the process of obtaining interns and the requirements/logistics of putting
together an internship program. This course discusses the time line, required documentation, and how to
problem solve through scenarios you might face during your clinical supervision.

Course Objectives:

1) The CTRS will be able to define the importance of the clinical supervision and development of the relationship between the intern and supervisor.

2) The CTRS will be able to identify the benefits of clinical supervision of interns.

3) The CTRS will be able to pinpoint ethical concerns which could arise within the internship process.

4) The CTRS will learn how to apply integrative models  while implementing an internship program.

5) The CTRS will learn about teaching, evaluation and problem solving strategies from multiple learning approaches.

6) The CTRS will be able to identify a measurable evaluation tool to use in the internship process.

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