Adapted Sports for Veterans with Service-Connected Illness or Injury

*This course has been pre-approved by NCTRC for 5 clock hours.

This course will explain how adapted sports programs for veterans with service connected illness or injury can be a tool to healing and create a healthy lifestyle. This course will dive into all the basics of starting and continuing an adapted sports program for veterans with service connected illness or injury. Specific information is shared regarding adapting sports for the specific disabilities that are common amongst veterans and adaptive equipment that can be helpful.

Course Objectives

  • Students will be familiar with what a service connected injury or illness is and how disability ratings are assigned.

  • Students will be able to identify common disabilities amonst veterans and how to adapt sports to maximize therapeutic benefits.

  • Students will gain knowledge in recruiting attendees to adaptive sports programs and funding sources.

Samantha Wang, CTRS/LRT

Instructor Bio:

Samantha Wang works as a program coordinator for a local non-profit in Wilmington, North Carolina. She graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington in 2019 and has been working in adapted sports ever since. Samantha loves being outdoors and changing the lives of others whether it be through her corny jokes or her work. She holds her certification and license in recreation therapy and will soon be attending Clemson University to obtain her Master’s.

Samantha Wang, CTRS/LRT

SMART Instructor